PHILLIPS Pico Nasal Mask


All sizes included in the fit pack S/M/L and XL.


At the heart of the Pico Nasal Mask is a low-profile, minimalist frame that reduces facial contact and eliminates the need for a wide, hard forehead support.
Pico’s soft headgear loops through the top of the frame creating a small, ultra-soft, adjustable forehead support at the top of the mask. TIP-OF-THE-NOSE AUTO-SEAL CUSHION Pico’s soft nasal cushion fits over just the tip of the nose so it requires very little facial contact.
The dual-wall design features an inner wall that seals softly against the face and an outer wall that provides support and stability. Pico’s cushion is simple to fit without leaks or pinching; and it adapts automatically to different sleep positions and movement so you can sleep your way… in comfort.

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